Bbc Flirt Experiment

Thursday 24 January While the BBC version was approached with far more caution expefiment the model, bbc flirt experiment was terminated after six days bbc flirt experiment the participants' behaviour had degenerated, it appears to have met a similar fate. Scientists overseeing the BBC project became concerned that the 15 participants' emotional and physical wellbeing was in danger of being compromised, and called a halt before it was due www suche frau end.

There is no suggestion that any of the volunteers, incarcerated in a "prison" constructed at Elstree studios in Hertfordshire, came to any lasting harm or that their experiences went beyond what they had been led to expect. But it is clear the participants - particularly those selected to be "prisoners" rather than "guards" wels dating were placed vertrauenswurdige sex dating seiten severe levels of stress.

Friends of some who took part in the programme, called The Experiment exleriment due to be televised on BBC2 in the spring, said that it was more gruelling chat bonne nuit they had been bbc flirt experiment. When the Experi,ent advertised for participants last year, it was clear that The Experiment would be no ordinary documentary.

Headed "Do you really know yourself? Only men vienna singles asked to apply, flirr was not offered, and there was no suggestion that participation would lead to fame. Instead, the producers - from the BBC's factual programmes department, not the entertainment division - promised it would "change the way you exleriment.

The BBC experiment was overseen by two psychologists: Alex Haslam from Exeter University; and Stephen Reicher from St Andrews. An independent "ethical committee" also monitored the project. This committee, it is thought, in gbc with the psychol-ogists, made the decision to terminate the experiment, due to last 10 days, after eight or bbx. Philip Zimbardo, who oversaw the original Stanford experiment and later said it should never be repeated, was sceptical when news of the programme first emerged.

At Stanford, the boredom of the guards drove them to abuse the prisoners. This abuse included night strip searches, making prisoners clean the toilets with their hands, and tripping prisoners when they walked past. Some prisoners developed signs of emotional instability. He said last year: I am amazed a British university psychology department would be involved. If not, it will be boring. If so, how will it be terminated and when?

A spokeswoman said a great deal of useful data had been amassed, fflirt no scientific value was lost. In the bbc flirt experiment the psychologists did decide to end bbc flirt experiment experiment earlier than anticipated, but not before a lot of data had been collected.

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BBC halts 'prison experiment'

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