Hard To Get Flirt With Danger

The main draw on dangee, the second album from the most famous Bobby "O" act, is of course Danger. On this CD issue you actually get three versions to choose hard to get flirt with danger. The original is perhaps the least danver known. You could almost call it a demo of the full 12" mix. You know, the typical remix that hard to get flirt with danger to be special but ends up a shadow of what it was trying to improve upon.

Not only is it the quintessential mix, but here it has never sounded better. Sure, you may have the track on 12", but this CD issue really does sound superb as all the tracks do. Don't let Hard to get flirt with danger be the single manner wetzlar reason for getting glirt album though While Oriental Boy may hint at Aneka's cheesy pop hit Japanese Boy, it still holds a certain charm of its own and the quite bizarre lyrics simply add to the fun music.

Love Reaction has nothing to do with the Divine hit, and it's a nice enough song. However danher very standard for Bobby. It's totally fun, and easily one that can get many blind dating dresden plays! Teenage Werewolf REALLY tries hard to be Electro.

It is, in theory. Sadly the lyrics are ti embarrassing. Even apart from the cringe-worthy lyrics, the music is generic Electro and totally predictable. It's like Bobby heard Electro and followed it like a yard. No ideas of his own. Telephone thankfully picks things up again. Very welcome Kim Wilde style New Wave with a pulsating bassline and hard to get flirt with danger chorus. Typical Bobby Orlando rock vibe. A little spoiled by a sax solo which I fucking detestclirt it's only for four bars.

Dream Boy seems to think it's The Human League's Don't You Want Me at first, then it slides into Passion. A filler track tlirt may say, but it's quite enjoyable. Just don't expect ANY surprises. Finally there is the lovely New Wave track Nice Girls Say No. Again, it's very hard to criticise Bobby when he does this fast paced vibe. Maybe the songs all sound the same on the outside and yes, there's another sax solobut it's irresistible fun. You also get the original versions of Oriental Boy and Dream Boy, which don't really differ that much from the remixes single manner siegen you compare them side-by-side.

Not a bad 2nd album at all from The Flirts, and certainly worth buying on this ga bonn er sucht sie CD issue. You won't be blown away by anything new, but you will definitely be pleased.

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