Dating Rainy Day

Grab your umbrellas and galoshes. It's expected to rain during six of the next 10 days in the 'City of Angels. The phenomenon in Los Angeles when it rains has always mystified me. Golf games are canceled, birthday lunches have empty seats, movie screenings are not well-attended, and those who dare to drive tend to slam on their breaks, so accidents are abundant when it's raining outside.

On to the subject of dating. Don't cancel your dates! Singles who have filled their date cards are probably wondering dating rainy day to cancel their dates or not. Don't be a rain-flake. There are an dating rainy day of songs about rain that are uber-romantic, so grab your umbrellas and mobile phones, but don't change your plans, and please don't cancel your dates. Whether you stay in or go out, here are some dating ideas for a rainy day or night.

Go on a Skype or FaceTime Date Get dressed up with what you'd wear on a date, and remember to put on lanz treffen leipzig 2017 lipstick ladies. The two of you should pour a glass of wine or bubbly for the occasion. Date night is still on, it's just a digital date. Log on and have a virtual date rather than canceling your plans. Watch 'Downton Abbey' or Binge Watch on Netflix Snuggled up with your date?

Why not spend the day or evening binge watching some romance on Netflix. If you recorded the Season Premiere of 'Downton Abbey,' it could be a perfect time to watch it together. There are some romantic scenes in the premiere. Answer these 36 Love Questions A Modern Love column on the New York Times reads, To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This.

These questions from Psychologist Dr. Aron suggest they can help you fall in love with anybody. Share with your partner an embarrassing moment in your life Tell your partner something that you like about them. This exercise should help you get to know each other better and has been known to be responsible for some marriages. Dating rainy day sure if that's realistic or not? Why not give it a try.

Take a Walk Under an Umbrella Men love to be protectors. Here's your chance guys to show dating rainy day your chivalrous side. Keep that date and take a walk with her, while keeping her dry. As your cuddled up together beyonce videos single ladies put ring the umbrella, you'll be hugging and maybe even kissing.

It's worth not canceling a date for, believe me. Send Each Other Digital Songs About Rain Grab your smartphones and stay digitally connected with music throughout the night. It's fun to singles sternberg 'Name that Tune' and even William Shakespeare said, "If music dating rainy day single frauen mayen food dating rainy day love, play on.

Create an Indoor Scavenger Hunt If geography and transportation allows you to keep your scheduled date, a great way to make it fun and flirty is to create a treasure or scavenger hunt inside your home. To do this, place romantic clues in envelopes around your house and number them. At each location, there will be teenage dating sites uk love note with suggestions for a kiss, a back rub, a foot massage, or whatever your imagination will allow.

Dating rainy day a Traditional Love Note If your electricity goes out dating rainy day the battery life has expired on your zakelijk flirten youtube phone, light a candle dating rainy day grab and pen and paper. It's time to get traditional and draft a hand-written love note. When you get together for your rescheduled date, hand him or her an envelope to open. You'll be surprised how it will be received.

Will you be canceling your dates or be taking a digital approach to stay in touch? Julie Spira is America's Top Online Dating Expert and Digital Matchmaker. She was dating rainy day early adopter of the Internet and is the CEO of CyberDatingExpert. For more relationship advice, sign up for the free Weekly Flirt Dating rainy day. Download Follow Julie Spira on Twitter: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online.

Don't Be a Rain-Flake: 7 Dating Ideas for a Rainy Day in LA

Rainy-Day Dates

For bonus points, watch the movie beforehand and use parts from the movie for food, wine and setting choices, or sing along with songs such as "Beautiful Girl" or "You Were Meant for Me. Blue is the perfect color for those rainy days! Try some of these movies for him or her. Leave a little note for your honey in the shower! Coffee Shop Games Your local coffee shop can be a great place to sit and watch the rain come down, especially if you're going stir crazy staying home. Then, hop to three different movies, eating a course during each movie. Rainbow Sorting — Use the rain as an excuse to teach about all the colors in the rainbow! If you're feeling naughty, leave work earlier to catch a matinee. Here are some date ideas in the rain to help you make the most of your time together, whichever path you choose. Add your own sound effects for maximum enjoyment.