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We did your Mom a favour, Sid. This flirty message will definitely make him smile and think about you all day in the way that you were thinking about him! Yeah, we put her out of her misery, 'cause let's face Sidney, your mother was no Sharon Stone, hmm? He will wonder what you meant with this sexy message which means that he will spend more time thinking about you! In , Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie used in the C programming language for special keywords that had to be processed first by the C preprocessor. Send images with quotes of friendship, love cards, funny photos, animated cartoons, cute gifs, scraps, messages on pictures to all your friends and your online profile. When you say this, she is going to be head over heals for you. Hashtags intended for discussion of a particular event tend to use an obscure wording to avoid being caught up with generic conversations on similar subjects, such as a cake festival using cakefestival rather than simply cake. Today is a multiple cups of coffee kind of day. You could add a little flirty edge to it by saying she is the prettiest woman of them all. Although it is more common for guys to be more forward with girls than it is for girls to be forward with guys they like, most guys appreciate a girl who has the confidence to make a proactive romantic move. Beginning July 2, , [19] Twitter began to hyperlink all hashtags in tweets to Twitter search results for the hashtagged word and for the standard spelling of commonly misspelled words. If you show your sense of humor, she will truly appreciate it as it will help her to get to know you and develop a deeper interest in you. She is going to feel attractive and wanted. Your slut mother was fucking my father, and she's the reason my mom moved out and abandoned me. Did we ever find out why Hannibal Lecter like to eat people? You hear that, Stu? Click Below for More Galleries.