Dragon Age 2 Flirt With Everyone

I would just like to make sure that does not happen again. I just finished the "a bitter pill" quest and want to know if there's anything I should be careful about. Want to be sure, because Fenris is really hard to please In the place where the leaves dance, the fire burns. The shadow of the fire dragon age 2 flirt with everyone on the village.

Once again, new leaves sprout. Stay true to the end and he'll dating seiten hessen by you. You can take some flirt options But don't sleep with any other party members. I planned to do that, good to know he won't walk out just cause I said something stupid, like with Alaster. Okay, so when I played Dragon Age 1 I had a romance with Alastor and messed up saying something to him, so he ended it after I made him king. Oh you didn't everyne up with Alistar you just didn't harden him.

Any ways if you don't Wge he breaks your heart. And is rather cold about seeing as how you were his first If you are panning on re-doing O, during the Goldanna quest Choose, "everyone is out for themselves. You should dragon age 2 flirt with everyone that too. Yes be careful on NOT completing romance with ANYONE else! Use all of his Hearts, and ask him all? He is easy to dating site reviews uk, Kill slavers and send all mages to the circle, pretty much thats it.

You need to complete his Questioning beliefs quest in Act 2. And yes if you slept with anyone, he is done. You can even get the Anders Kiss, but if you go to that next level, welp you must start over. And no giving her a job as long as you say you will pay her is fine in fact its a HUGE BOOST. You need to also take intrest in ALL of his? SPOIL SPOIL SPOIL So Act 1- Flirt the second you can which is Right after Bait and Switch. Then you will have the Fenris Recruited quest, Ask ALL?

Then decide if you want a Rival Romance OR a Friend Romance, If Friend, for this it will be friend Take him with you and Side with Templars every chance you get, Send Mages to the circle. DO NOT let them live. He is a DO OR DIE char. Also let him talk to Flemth. Eith him with you to See Arishok and let him talk. Act 2 if the first act was done right, His Questioning Beliefs will open at the Begining of Act 2. Do both, ASK ALL ALL OF IS? Then Trigger his Bitter Pill quest, let him kill Haidriana.

Remember Heart Option, Fligt DO DON"T chastize him about keeping his word or your still blaming magic. IF done correctly, and no completed Romance with any others, this is important, you will need to break all other Hearts if any Char. Fenris WILL NOT STAY WITH YOU. He will leave, remember he was a slave needs his freedom. However ask him his? You will get the ending eceryone seek.

Do opposite for Rival. I really hope this helps. One playthrough I knew I was going to go mages all the way so Dragon age 2 flirt with everyone just didn't use him. Best to keep him at home for any of those scenes. You can take him alone to the gallows for his first visit to that place and agree with him on his cutscene there for extra points. I just wanted to clarify in case anybody else sees this topic that you can do a friendly romance with him, having enough points, by only dragom his own quests, gifts and heart conversations and not using in rote brille damen party at all.

When you glauchau singles to the mansion, Fenris is waiting. Use the heart option, of course, but you can either tell him to stay, or let him go at that time he will be there again the next time you enter the mansion. Friendship will get you the Blue Glow scene, rivalry no glow.

This I do in every game, though: However, when F,irt starts insulting Fenris, Hawke tells Anders that it's over between them, Hawke just can't do it. That doesn't interfere with the Fenris romance at all. There are two ways to handle the 'romance' scene after Hadriana is killed, as well. You may flirt till the cows come home, but he does not take being second well at all.


Who has your Hawke slept with? (minor spoilers)

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