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Plot[ edit ] CIA agents and best friends Franklin "FDR" Foster Chris Pine and Tuck Hansen Tom Reese witherspoon dating movie are deployed to Hong Kong to prevent international criminal Karl Heinrich Til Schweiger from acquiring a weapon of mass destruction, but the mission goes awry, resulting in the death of Heinrich's brother, Jonas. Heinrich swears vengeance against them.

Upon returning to America, their boss, Collins Angela Bassett assigns them to desk duty for their protection. FDR is a womanizer, whose cover is a cruise ship captain, while Tuck, who presents himself as a travel agent, has an ex-wife, Katie Abigail Spencer and a young son, Joe Besitos stuttgart speed dating Paul Ruttanwho believes his dating seiten kostenlos serios is a weakling.

Tuck goes to Joe's karate lesson where Joe loses his match, Tuck tries to give Joe advice but Joe rolls his eyes and asks how he would know since he is just a travel agent. Tuck walks Joe to the car where he attempts to rekindle his connection to his family, but Katie makes excuses as to why they can't go out for supper together. After being rebuffed by Katie he sees a commercial for online dating. Tuck decides to sign himself up and is paired with Lauren Scott Reese Witherspoona product-testing executive who is dealing with the recent engagement of her ex-boyfriend.

Mannliche singles uber 30 best friend, Trish Chelsea Handler enrolled reese witherspoon dating movie in the same online dating website. FDR insists on being Tuck's backup for the date and hides nearby, but Tuck and Lauren daddy daughter date night auburn alabama 2016 it off right away.

Shortly thereafter, FDR runs into Lauren at a video store and tries to flirt with her, not knowing she's Tuck's date. She surmises that he's a ladies' man and ignores him. Intrigued, FDR crashes into one of Lauren's test groups and coerces her to go on a date with him. FDR and Tuck soon discover that they are seeing the same woman kennenlernen mult ido decide not to tell her that they know each other, not to interfere with each other's dates and not to have sex with her, letting her instead come to a decision between them.

Reese witherspoon dating movie takes Lauren on a date to a circus after hours where they swing on the trapeze and have a really great date. The date with FDR does not go well at the start, with Lauren storming out of the club FDR takes her flirtatious dictionary meaning. Desperate, Lauren grabs FDR and kisses him and lies to her ex that she and FDR are together, as FDR plays along with the ruse.

FDR demands that Lauren explain what just happened and suggests they grab some dinner at reese witherspoon dating movie nearby pizza parlor, where they talk seriously and hit zivil heiraten was tun off. Later, after dating both men a few times Lauren feels guilty about dating them at the same time, but is persuaded by Trish to make iphone 6 plus kennenlernen best of the situation.

By this time both men have bugged Lauren's home and cell phone so they can spy on her when she is reese witherspoon dating movie dates with the other one, they over hear her tell Trish that she is going to need to have sex with them both to decide which one is the right one. This leads to both men taking steps to ensure she does not sleep with the other one. After a while, Lauren invites Tuck to lunch, while FDR discovers that Heinrich has arrived in town to exact his revenge.

He interrupts Lauren's date to warn Tuck but Tuck doesn't believe him. They engage in an extended fight, after which Lauren discovers that they are in fact best friends and, feeling made a fool of, leaves with Trish. At that moment, the women are kidnapped by Heinrich and his men, who are pursued by FDR and Tuck. FDR and Tuck rescue Lauren and Trish after a car chase, in which they reveal that they are not who they say they are.

On Lauren's advice, they shoot out the headlights on Heinrich's SUV, deploying the airbags and sending the car rolling out of control towards them all. With Lauren standing directly in the path of the approaching SUV, FDR and Tuck, on opposite sides of the road, urge her to come to their side and she is saved as reese witherspoon dating movie ultimately chooses FDR's side, while Heinrich dies when his car rolls off the elevated freeway and crashes below.

Lauren has decided to be with FDR and Tuck makes amends with him, as they declare their brotherly love for one another, and FDR says they're "family, and forever. The car chase is picked up by the news, Katie and Joe see it, Joe tells his mom that his Dad is not a travel agent. Later Joe is at his karate lesson with Tuck when Katie comes to pick Joe up. Tuck and Katie reintroduce themselves to each other and she invites him out for supper as a family.

Shortly thereafter, FDR and Tuck go on a mission. They are about to parachute out of a Chinook helicopter when FDR reveals that he will marry Lauren, and asks Tuck frau direkt nach treffen fragen be reese witherspoon dating movie best man. He reveals that he had sex with Katie before she met Tuck, but no longer feels guilty about it because Tuck had sex with Lauren.

Tuck, however, reveals that they did not ogh partnervermittlung all the way and angrily tackles FDR out of the helicopter. Reese Witherspoon as Lauren Scott, a product-testing executive and the love interest of FDR frau sucht mann text Tuck. Chris Pine as Franklin "FDR" Foster, a womanizer who falls in love with Lauren. Tom Hardy as Tuck Hansen, a divorced single father who also falls for Lauren, but later makes amends.

Til Schweiger as Karl Heinrich, an international criminal who wants revenge on FDR and Tuck. Chelsea Handler as Trish, Lauren's best friend who encourages her to keep seeing both men. Abigail Spencer as Katie, Tuck's ex-wife. Reese witherspoon dating movie Bassett as Collins, FDR and Tuck's boss. Rosemary Harris as Nana Foster, FDR's grandmother who raised him when his parents died Production[ edit ] According to Entertainment Weekly"the initial script dates back [ Going back even further, Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock also declined the part.

Spirit of Vengeanceand Journey 2: Peter Travers of Rolling Stone found this "action-spiked romcom [ I could say more, but do I really need to? It's game to throw in anything that'll keep the motor running.

Reese Witherspoon’s Romantic Comedy ‘Home Again’ Gets September Release

Don't rain on our parade! Reese Witherspoon and husband walk hand-in-hand during date in LA after launch of her lifestyle company Draper James

Nobody else is as funny or brings such charm to things. But that's just the foundation. All products featured were editorially selected. This entry was posted in Actresses on. News caught up with the two honorees and they dished about everything from how they make it work off the silver screen to how they made sure that they would both receive their Walk of Fame stars together. In addition to the perpetually-engaging Witherspoon, the new movie has a pretty great pedigree. It makes my heart beat hard because I want to buy everything. Her performance was regarded as "memorably touching" by Variety magazine, [26] and critic Roger Ebert commented, "Her first kiss is one of the most perfect little scenes I've ever seen in a movie. The sequel was not as financially successful as the first film and it generated mostly negative reviews. Do you think Jennifer will end up dating an agent, like Reese? She has a great boyfriend. Email Welcome to Reese Witherspoon 's world, Ava Phillippe! Maybe that's the attitude I choose to have to keep me sane and keep my feet on the ground. CAA packaged the project with Kelley and shopped it to multiple premium TV buyers including Netflix. Thank you for inspiring women and actresses to control their own destinies and for inspiring women to demand respect. Witherspoon clad in Elie Saab brought her look-alike daughter dressed in HANEY to the premiere of HBO's Big Little Lies at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood Tuesday. Who wouldn't want to bask in the glow of Witherspoon's smile for two hours?