Ems Single Tent

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Tents & Shelters

EMS Velocity 1 Tent, 2013

Water can pool over the front seam unless the roof is tightly tensioned. I have both the 8-man tent and the 6-man tent with the added floor protector for both, plus they made a corridor to connect two tents. Dutch's customer service is excellent. As a ranger with TheDyrt, I sometimes get the opportunity to try out products and I was recently able to try out the double hammock. TentPole Replacement We replace tent poles for all major manufacturers' tents using only the highest quality shock cord, aluminum and fiberglass materials. Extremely stable even in the most extreme weather. A minimum of 7 tent stakes are required to pitch the tent: I own 13 quilts. Very light and well designed. Without this adjustment, the roof of the tent has a slight sag, which can lead to water pooling on the tent seam below the hoop. Did several trips to the Grand Teton, up to the Canadian Rockies and then down to Peru.