Dating Vintage Hofner

Controls and Control Configurations Potentiometer Date Codes Dating vintage hofner potentiometers dating vintage hofner electric Hofners can be used to date instruments from about onwards. Prior to that time, Hofner used solid shaft pots with cylindrical metal bodies, the ends of which comprise composite material out of which lugs protrude. These have resistance values indicated typically at k, but single party silvester hamburg 2014 date codes.

Hofner started using "Preh" branded pots with cast bodies in aboutcapped with square composite ends out of which lugs protrude. The composite material is stamped with the pot value typically k and a date dating vintage hofner. One great feature of these pots was the inclusion of eyes at each of the corners to allow for easy solder connections for grounding. The date code had either two or three numbers. The last digit refered to year, and the preceding digits refered to week.

So was the 29th week ofwas the 50th week ofand 89 was the 8th week of orbut other features make it obvious which decade applies. Access was at the dating vintage hofner, Datong, using a hex gintage adjustment. Guitar Top Dates Hofner provided useful dating information: Dating vintage hofner was quite delighted when I first stumbled upon such a handwritten date while visiting the interior of an old Hofner. This information is found between the treble strut and the azubi speed dating halle munsterland f-hole, although it sometimes appears vintave the bass strut and the bass f-hole.

I have observed dates hand-written in pencil, ink, as well as stamped in blue dating vintage hofner. Inventory Philosophy Hofner continued to use old hardware inventory vinyage the introduction of new hardware features, hodner many examples exist that have combinations of old and new features. New pick-ups were introduced on top-of the line instruments and trickled down the models. As well, especially wie kann man gut frauen kennenlernen the, and and perhaps because of their similaritiesdating vintage hofner hybrid guitars were built, such as a with a neck, or vice-versa.

This may have been due to experimentation, model changes, lack of correct inventory, backorders or plain carelessness. How old is that Hofner in the Window? This information, combined with a basic understanding of the different model features, makes it easy to identify old Hofners. Tuning Pegs Going through the models from simple to fancy, Hofner used a variety of tuners. Open-back strip tuners came on brass plates, with small white plastic buttons, usually squared off in appearance, and cheap pressed metal bushings.

Nickel-plated plates also appeared. Buttons were made of white plastic or mother-of-toilet -seat. Individual open-back tuners on nickel-plated plates appeared on better models, with larger squared-off buttons and high-quality machined bushings. These plates had parallel sides with a floral profile at top and bottom. Fancier tuners used similar plates, but with more elaborate buttons, moulded with the same floral reference. Top of the line tuners were gold-plated, covered, and with elaborate chasing and the same elaborate mother-of- toilet-seat buttons.

The fanciest tuners were manufactured by Kolb, and christian jessen single also used on Hagstrom and Guild guitars. The shafts of these tuners were metal, wrapped with white plastic sleeves of classical guitar dimension with flirten manner signale brass bushings.

These tuners were nickel-plated, or goldplated datiing the top models. In general, Hofner arched-top guitar headstocks were thicker than comparable American guitar headstocks, so the tuners had extra-long shafts. Other than original tuners, Schallers are the only currently available tuners with long enough shafts to routinely provide adequate clearance. Wiring Harnesses Pick-up controls were originally mounted on single-layer mother-of-tortoiseshell plates mounted on the bottom bout, on the vintqge side.

One pick-up guitars utilized a circular plate, typically with single volume and tone knobs. Two pick-up guitars used a larger, oval mounting plate, typically with two volume knobs datin two tone knobs in a "cloverleaf" array. The plates were decalled in English with "Volume" and "Tone" in gold, and had bevelled edges finished in white paint. Dating vintage hofner were of the "teacup" variety.

The plates were single-layer mother-of-tortoiseshell, also edged with white paint, with white "teacup" knobs and white switches. Single pick-up control plates had only a single knob and three switches. Finally, pick-up switches appeared, usually in the upper bass bout. The switch had a flimsy black plastic tip in a rectangular black metal gay cologne dating attached to the guitar top with two screws.

Knobs Hofner teacup knobs were off-white, with concave gold caps pressed into the tops. There were two versions, one with a rounded top lip, one with a bevelled top lip. Very dating vintage hofner teacup knobs also appear in tortoiseshell. Skirted knobs also appeared in black occasionally. Original Hofner knobs were attached with slot head set screws, and were cast to fit Hofner solid shaft pots, which datung 6mm in diameter.

They often used round headed wie schreibt man kennenlernen to secure tailpieces. Aroundthey started to use black Vlntage head screws to attach truss rod covers and to attach Gibson-style pick-up mounting frames to guitar faces. Pickguards Hofner developed a distinctive pickguard shape for its non-cutaway as well as its cutaway guitars, For the most part, pickguards were either thick dating vintage hofner ply white mother-of-toilet-seat, or thick one- dating vintage hofner tortoiseshell, although other types occur, such as two-ply white mother-of-toilet-seat over white, or two-ply brown mother-of-toilet-seat over white.

On the fanciest guitars, the pickguards were clear acrylic. The pickguards usually had chamfered edges. The clear bergamont singlespeed pedro featured on the top models was now routed for a wide pinstripe and a Hofner logo, filled with gold detailing. Hofner attached its pickguards at three points, so the plastic never came into contact with the guitar tops. Common finishing nails were used to attach pickguards at two of those points: The nail was sandwiched between the pickguard and a small piece of pickguard material glued underneath.

This wonderfully shoddy approach is part of the charm of these guitars. On the top of the line guitars, the clear pickguard was attached to the neck and bridge with neat little pins drilled right into the side of the pickguard.


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I collect information about these guitars, and of course the guitars themselves. By the "Les Paul" was dropped and models were simply called the SG Junior, the SG standard and the SG custom. Late s Gibson ES But this was a time of big change in the guitar market. Keith Richards with the Gibson Les Paul Custom, from the Gibson Les Paul catalogue The Norlin period This period is not held in as high regard as the earlier CMI period, and it is true, Gibson produced a lot of low-priced guitars at this time, but the finest instruments are every bit as good as older versions. The low-production numbers of these models guarantees their desireability to vintage guitar collectors, and if offered for sale could fetch a five or six figure sum, depending on the state of the market. The curvaceous and soul filled ES, ES, and ES Private vintage guitars, lapsteels, amplifier collector. Companies were folding and changing hands, and Gibson was no exception. This includes both electric and acoustic vintage guitars. The retro-future stylings of the Flying V, Explorer, and Firebird. No other guitar company spans time like Orville's namesake enterprise. It may be easier to find what you're looking for by using this page, versus finding pictures elsewhere in the site. Hofner Guitar Fact Files FEATURED HOFNER GUITARS A detailed look at some of the Hofner guitars that I own or have owned in the past. The Gibson RD Standard bass, circa The two Gibson plants, Nashville and Kalamazoo, were running in tandem throughout the second half of the s; Nashville built a large proportion of the solid body guitars, including Les Pauls, the L-6S, solids etc, whilst Kalamazoo was the home of basses, hollow bodies, and new product development. The archetypal Gibson solid body sound was rich and dark; it had been produced by Gibson humbuckers, a mahogany body and a glued in mahogany neck. But by the late s, the American guitar industry was in trouble. Gibson The iconic Les Paul.