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I do NOT, by the way, recommend doing that…. May 15, by Dr. Remember your VCR always flashing So other people need to learn what you mean when you make incomprehensible jokes that vaguely sound like insults, instead of you learning to make jokes in a way other people understand. You might think that having only one friend is a lonely way to go through life but for me it works just fine. After even minor social interactions he routinely found himself exhausted, and would retreat to soothing, isolated activity: There's a few common reasons that Ass Burgers self-diagnose. Adults on the spectrum are often too good at convincing others they are fine, have no emotions, are robotic. You don't just automatically get that badge because you can't talk to people. His difficulty managing his thoughts made rudimentary conversations minefields to be navigated. Whenever I find myself in a social situation, especially with new people, I can only last a very short time like a couple of minutes before I start to feel stress and panic and then start looking for a way out.