Date Night Ideas In Owensboro Ky

Posted in Kentucky April 23, by Kelly Berger Here Are The 12 Best Places In Kentucky To Take That Special Someone On A Date Leute kennenlernen soest coming up with the best plan to wow your special someone is the hardest part. Go On A Bourbon Distillery Tour See where it's all made and have a drink or two together. It's a nice ice-breaker. Located in Bardstown, KY. Go To A Horse Race…At Night Churchill Downs in Louisville has their annual, "Downs After Dark" series during the summer months.

Check the venue's calendar for a date night ideas in owensboro ky list of events. Cruise On The Belle Of Manner kennenlernen hamburg Date night ideas in owensboro ky sail on the waterways. Enjoy the views of the city and maybe have a bite to eat or some drinks to go along with your excursion.

Get In Touch With Theater Go see a play. Nothing more fun and exciting than live acting right in front of you. Try the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center in Bowling Green, KY. Go For A Romantic Hike Challenge each other by testing your outdoor limits. Maybe even plan for a picnic mid-hike? Try Natural Bridge in Slade, KY. Go For A Stroll In The Park Go for a more relaxed walk in the park and observe the sights of nature single berching the city.

Try Triangle Park in Lexington, KY. Grab Some Coffee May seem like an original low-key idea, but just keeping it cool and cozy can give you time to bond and really get to know each other. Try a local favorite, The Creme Coffee House in Owensboro, KY. Get Messy And Grab Fresh Seafood Break the ice, by getting down and dirty…with your food of course! Share An Ice Cream Go out for just dessert. Grabbing some froyo or ice cream is pressure-free outing that'll have you feeling like a kid again.

Try Swirls Frozen Yogurt in Paducah, KY. Go On A Candy Tour Why not "sweeten" the deal and tour the Rebecca Ruth Candy Museum. See how it's made and munch on a Kentucky favorite, some delicious bourbon balls, made right there. Located in Frankfort, KY. Go To A UK Or UL Basketball Game Whether your a kassel single tanzkurs heart Cards or Cats fan, let your sports side out and enjoy the action together.

Those who watch sports together stay together…or something like that, right? Located in Louisville and Lexington, KY. Try Skyline Drive-In Theatre in Greensburg, KY. Where did you and your significant other have your first date? See any places on the list that spark interest for your next one?

Here Are The 12 Best Places In Kentucky To Take That Special Someone On A Date

Daytrip Ideas: Owensboro, KY

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