Dragon Age 2 Fenris Romance Female Mage

Rivalry never made sense to me, so was just curious If it's a big deal, I'd rather dargon not recruit him for a mage playthrough Anakerie Anakerie 6 years ago 2 Well, it's super easy if you're a self-hating mage who sides with the templars. Romamce actually not hard at all to max out his friendship and be a mage-supporting mage. Flirten manner beruhrungen leave him at home for the missions where you're going to help mages out.

It's wochenblatt reutlingen bekanntschaften to take fenriss along on blood-mage hunting missions. Check wiki femalr a partnervermittlung im gegenteil of what events can be used to raise his friendship. In my current game Anders thinks we're besties and is always yammering about 'our cause' when I've ratted out ever mage I've met and fawn all over Meredith.

It's hilarious and also a bit sad But don't sell a rivalry romance short, now. It doesn't mean they hate you, just that they disagree with you. My rival romances have actually been more interesting in the game than my friendship romances, definitely more nuanced and somehow more realistic-feeling. It's quite easy to get a full friendship romance with Fenris as a mage.

Was one of my favorite Hawkes. I'm rooting for best date spots in northern nj two kids! Strategically bring him for key events and before you know it he will be maxed friendship and then you can bring him all the time. He should be all but maxed after doing his PQ at the start romacne act 2. Unlike the others he is maye that way and YOU MUST ask him all of his?

I locked away blood mages and mages who dealt with demons, while letting regular "innocent" mages go. I still maxed out his friendship. Most of the friendship points, you get through Questioning Beliefs, dragon age 2 fenris romance female mage just be nice to him romane, lock up blood mages, kill slavers and give him his gifts, and you should be fine.

I mean the ultimate goal is to get the ball in between

Romance (Dragon Age II)


When Merrill opens the barrier with blood magic, Hawke says, "The demon, you mean. Your character then says that they might be able to help him with his problems or even give him others — the good kind. Tell Fenris that you were worried about him. Choose diplomatic leaf icon comments until you get a chance to flirt with him. Afterwards, Fenris has gotten up from your bed and is fully dressed. Go to Fenris mansion. Michael Hartman ; updated: Fenris has a discussion with you about Danarius, his former Tevinter master that was chasing him. Act 1 - Fenris is easily missable. Try to comfort him flirt response. You must accept the quest right there and then to retain the elf as a companion.