Sa Single Hand Skagit

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Single hand spey casting

Spey Lite Skagit Head

Originally Posted by NrthFrk16 View Post 1 why would you want a much lighter line to cast heavy tip and big flies? But it did - with ease, even! I consider myself a excellent caster, if you do too, that is cool with me. To check out the line, visit Irish Angler , a sponser of the site to get more info. I also see plenty of people well on their way. Reaching for distance with this outfit will overload the rod, I'm sure, but still, that remains to be tested. The umtimate advantage is the ability to cast and fish very heavy tips, and heavy flies, on a light rod, and it's defintely a line and a setup that'll be part of my armoury for late season from now on. When you sweep back into your d-loop, haul. A little pride is a good thing, better than being some rollover twit who always kowtows to corporate sponsored fishermen like said fishermen know something any good angler doesn't already know. Thanked Times in Posts Rep Power 20 ok, that's a lot more clear. It is really a blast to cast and handles good size streamers. They are practically a dime a dozen in the PNW. If you are familiar with the common PNW and Skagit-style casts such as the Snap-T, Double Spey and Perry Poke, you will be amazed at the capabilities of these casts with a properly linded single-handed rod; heavier sink-tips and large flies so brutal to the single-handed rod can be fished with ease and little effort.