Is Bi Rain Still Dating Kim Tae Hee

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Rain and Kim Tae Hee's wedding date is set?

Kim Tae Hee and Bi Rain DATING!!!

Rain reportedly gets baptized as a Catholic so he can marry Kim Tae Hee by Nancy Z on Tue, Jul 22, 0 0 Korean superstar Rain Jung Ji Hoon has been baptized as a Catholic into the same faith as that of his equally famous girlfriend, Kim Tae Hee. ATF During the interview, Kim Tae Hee responded candidly about her boyfriend of three years, Rain. January 11th, News has it that Rain and Kim Tae Hee were reportedly spotted on date in Shanghai, China, while Rain was there for his scheduled activities. We are both going through busy schedules, so we just try to give phone calls as often as possible. It is said that this amusement park is well-known for having many thrilling rides compared to Disneyland which is also nearby that area. It is true that there are some uncomfortable factors, too, but there are more good things about it. The Amir Khan - Faryal fight continues with Amir confirming that the two are not going to be together ever again while there has It was something that was planned a long time ago. Follow her personal blog at BTSCelebs. Posted by Lalita on Jan 2, in Editor's Feature , International Entertainment , Thai Entertainment 13 comments Have you heard the news?