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Should Women Play Hard to Get? Sharon DatingGirl StuffModestyRelationships 6 Comments 36 For the past three days I have been vacationing with family in Florida, and the one thing that I have done christian dating playing hard to get single day since I arrived is go fishing. Over these past couple days I have learned a lot about fish. For instance, fish are a lot smarter than we give them credit for at least some fish are.

And due to this fact, I have had to teach myself the art of fish seduction. Even once you start dating, guys still want some mystery to sating relationship. They want a girl who makes them work for it. They want a girl who plays hard to get. That said, the question I want to pose to you is whether or not we should play into this little game. If that is what guys want, and if that is how we can get them to pursue us, then why not try it? What draws these men is not your personality at all.

They simply want that datong christian dating playing hard to get cannot christian dating playing hard to get. BUT, just because playing hard to get can be manipulative, does not mean we should write off this practice altogether. The opposite of playing hard to get is not being available at all times. Rather, there is a kind of playing hard to get that can actually be godly. Unfortunately, this degree of availability is sometimes unattractive to godly men, not only because datihg their desire to chase, but because it erotische geschichten deutschland something about your priorities.

A godly man is not looking for a woman who rearranges heaven and earth for a boyfriend. Yes, he will want you to make some time for him, but a godly man is looking for a woman who is in diligent pursuit of God and has her eyes focused partnersuche zeitz Him alone. If your schedule consists of ministry commitments such as community service or spending valuable fellowship time with other women, then those commitments should not be thrown out the window as soon as a guy vating along.

If, on the other hand, you start to regularly skip out on those commitments to spend time with your guy, then it will also send a message to him and set a dangerous precedent. Ger are not only indicating that service to God takes a back seat to the relationship, but that your identity comes first from him, and second from God.

Any godly man should find that to be very unattractive. It shows him that your life is already full and complete with Christ and godly friendships. It indicates that you are not waiting on a guy to complete you, but to simply complement you. With that in mind, be intentional about how you spend your time. If you are tempted to make yourself always available to a guy, resist that temptation, not only because he will find you more attractive when you have a strong sense of your own identity christian dating playing hard to get calling, but because you will be guarding your own priorities as well.

From that perspective, playing hard to get can actually be a pretty good thing. I never thought I would hear myself say christian dating playing hard to get

Should Women Play Hard to Get?

Oder christian dating playing hard to get

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