Dragon Age 2 Merrill Romance Mod

Welcome to the help dialog for the Custom Mini-Profile Creator plugin! Click on any of the tabs above to go through the plugin configuration process! You can access this menu at any time by clicking on the icon in the bottom right bar may not be applicable if you're on Forums. This step is essential as it gives the plugin everything it needs on the page to get as much profile information as possible.

The code should be placed completely outside of the mini-profile, so if you're using the default mini-profile template this will be after the very last closing tag. This needs to be done on every theme you have the plugin enabled on as the template is theme-specific. If your mini-profile template is already customized and you've hit the variable limit for your template you're free to remove any lines from the code below if they contain information that you don't dragon age 2 merrill romance mod on using.

For example, if you have no plans to ever add a user's IP to their mini-profile for staff reference you can remove from the code and everything else will still work just fine. Click to show example Once you've added the HTML from the Layout Templates tab you're ready to move on to building your mini-profiles.

If you want to get going and try some out now or you're not very adept at HTML, CSS, or Javascript, worry not! This plugin includes some examples for you to try out. You're free to skip to the Custom Profile Fields tab kontaktanzeigen freiburg read over this tab later when you're ready to build your own.

Name This is the name you'll be adding to your custom profile field dropdown once you've finished coding the mini-profile. Make sure this name is unique from every other name you use for dragon age 2 merrill romance mod alewi partnervermittlung erfahrung dragon age 2 merrill romance mod you'll end up overwriting the earlier ones in the list.

HTML This is the HTML that will go inside your mini-profile. You can use just about any HTML tag here so long as it's appropriate for where the mini-profile is showing on the page. Please refrain from using or tags here. You have the next two sections for that! Also, remember that mini-profiles can show multiple times on the same page, so you shouldn't add ID attributes to any of your elements here.

Two elements on the same page cannot have the same ID per HTML standards. CSS This is where you'll place what would normally go in your forum's style sheet or what would normally be between tags. Try to code your mini-profile's Partnersuche 60 plus-kostenlos in a way that will allow you to target it specifically with your selectors. For example, you jungfrau frau single surround all of the content in your HTML with a element with a class and target that class and its child elements specifically with your CSS.

That way you don't accidentally target every mini-profile on the page with CSS that was meant for the one you're building. The forum theme's CSS still applies beforehand, so your mini-profile may look right in one theme but not in another. The best way to circumvent this is to define as many styles as you can to override the theme's CSS. Javascript Anything that swinger in dresden goes between tags will go here.

This one's a bit tricky since you'll obviously want to target the custom mini-profile specifically. Luckily there's an easy way to do that. Once you've dragon age 2 merrill romance mod building your mini-profiles it's finally time to add them to the Edit Profile page for use! Mini-Profile Theme Staff Mini-Profile Theme Mini-Profile Theme is for mini-profiles that are designed for member use.

You can set the Who Can Edit option for this field to Staff With Power if you only want staff to be able to choose mini-profiles for users. Otherwise, if you want members to freely be able to choose their own mini-profiles you can choose Members and Staff With Power. Er sucht sie whatsapp Mini-Profile Theme is for mini-profiles designed specifically for staff use. This field is completely optional.

Set the type for both of these fields as Drop Down Selection. If you've just installed this plugin you should have three different mini-profiles already installed by default: Example 1, Example 2, and Example 3. You can add these to your dropdowns to test them out and see the plugin in action. On the default ProBoards theme it should look something like this: It doesn't need to be visible, so you're free to add it inside a hidden element if you dragon age 2 merrill romance mod plan on displaying it or if it would mess up the appearance of your own custom template.

The following is a list of available variables for use in the HTML section of the mini-profile creator and their definitions. Adding any of these to a mini-profile will generate the content described in its definition in place of the variable so long as the information that variable outputs is visible to you. You'll need to type the name in all lowercase with no spaces and only use characters A-Z and This will output the value of singles online custom field.

In the case of this example, it'll be the name of the mini-profile theme you've chosen in your profile. These will only work if you followed the steps in the Installation tab of this singles hamburg on each of your themes. Any themes that do not include the template code specified there will not have these variables replaced in the mini-profile.

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It seems that the mod has been taken down. Dragon Age 2 Guide - How to Romance Merrill by: At this point, you need to visit Merrill at her home. Mods used in the video: I'm not knocking Merrill - she's lovely, and daft, and Welsh, all of which makes her just perfect - but really, the slightest whiff of romance, and Hawke starts to give off a creepy, Humbert Humbert vibe. Earthtone Merrill B Scarf version: We love to hear the communities picks so This is different from other than other characters you can romance in Dragon Age 2. Check them all out. During the Mirror Image quest, you and your companions will have to defeat the Varterral monster that resides in one of the Sundermount caves. After conversing with Flemeth, go back to the elven camp and see the Keeper. Magic Merrill is something of a design hybrid; she has the coloring and doe eyes of vanilla Merrill, but the age-of-consent figure and cute elven nose of her original Ferelden self. After this conversation, you and your companions will travel back to the Dalish camp to see the Keeper. After the successful kill of the Varterral, some dialog will occur. If you have Anders in your party, you may want to drop him off in Kirkwall first before speaking to the Keeper. She appears nervous and rambles on a bit. Please fill out the form completely and ensure that you add some details about the mod and why you have chosen it similar to how our community members have below. When this quest opens up in your journal, go visit Merrill at her home. Unfortunately, during this quest an elf named Poi gets killed after running away from Merrill.