Flirting Synonym Thesaurus

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All this that was passing through her mind was utterly foreign to any coquetry. He bowed gravely; there was no hint of coquetry in her manner. And with what coquetry he fans himself; how he dances and skips about! As a rule, however, things do not go so far as this in flirtation. There is penitence, coquetry, mischief, a thousand graces in her attitude. The coquetry, the cunning, dropped out of the long, pale face. I wish you 'd be frank with me, and say how far the flirtation went between you. I suspect—I do not know it—but I suspect that there was some flirtation in the case. Coquetry is the desire to please, as a means of self-gratification. Example Sentences for flirtation Flirtation may be practiced in a more or less unconscious manner. Her eyes sought his—a spice of coquetry in their questioning gleam. It is needless to say that the nature of coquetry disposes to flirtation. It is needless to say that the nature of coquetry disposes to flirtation.