Dating Hofner Violin Basses

Kits were also offered during the same period for a classical guitar, singleborsen im test stiftung warentest Hofner Shorty model, and two grades of violin. The bolt-on neck identifies this as being a kit bass. This example has been completed and finished to a very high standard. Owned by Mike Upchurch in North Carolina, USA. They wished to commemorate their 20 association with Hofner which commenced in Frank Trevino remembers that as well as the engraved truss-rod plate, a yellow banner saying something like "Anniversary Hofner " was included in the case, together with a small folder with Paul McCartney on the cover and a brief history of Hofner and Sorkin Music inside.

Don Burkhardt in Maryland, USA has owned this bass since This relationship still exists to the present day. These guitars were referred to internally by Hofner as the "New Special" model. This evolved closer to the 60's basses over the years, with changes such as the one-piece neck with flush heel being replaced after a year or two. A useful source of information on Japanese-market basses can be found at Katou Hidekazu's Website. It is doubtful whether this flirt definicja slownik guitar was ever sent to Single koln kochen though.

Dating hofner violin basses dating has been obtained from the Japanese market serial numbers contained in Michael Naglav's excellent book on Hofner guitars. Re-issue features such as Japanese-made "staple" pickups, open "catshead" tuners, no neck binding, and raised plastic headstock logo, have been combined with a contemporary one piece neck and the "flush" neck heel.

A very interesting bass which is now owned by Paul Jenkins in Gloucestershire, England. For instance, this guitar is fitted google partnervermittlung Japanese-made tuners and has a pickguard made from bright-white pearloid. A lovely example, owned by Santiago Azpilicueta Garcia in Dating hofner violin basses.

This particular one was supplied with Type "Staple" pickups as dating hofner violin basses to the Type "Blade" pickups supplied with the earlier kit above. The body has been finished in a very unusual and attractive ebony stain, with the neck in natural dating hofner violin basses. Owned by Mike August in Virginia, USA. Greco also asked for a laminated flame-maple top on the body of these specials, rather than the standard spruce. It has been factory fitted with black "skirted" single party bodenseekreis knobs and Japanese made tuners.

Also during this period, the pickguard is attached by means of two screws into the body top, as dating hofner violin basses as the side bracket. The singles chatroom free has been owned from new in by Xavier of France. Because Hofner were having problems sourcing materials at that time, they were fitted with a bright-white pearloid pickguard and control console cover produced in Japan.

The control console itself and the Gotoh tuners were also Japan sourced - an consequence of the large number kennenlernen zu durfen duden Japanese-specified violin basses being produced by Hofner in Germany for sale in Japan. Owned by Martin Berka neue leute kennenlernen lubeck Finland. Maybe Hofner had run out of supplies of the Type B "Blades" fitted to their Standard basses at that time, or perhaps more likely they were fitted by mistake.

Owned by Philippe Dopchie in France. This bass is fitted singleborse burghausen a wide control console with black volume knobs and small white switches. Also by this time, Hofner were fitting the Type B pickups do not have the Hofner logo, and had returned to using the open geared "catshead" tuners. The bass was probably sold new in Paris, so my guess is that for some reason the usual "Blade" type s weren't available, so Hofner dipped into the Japanese stock.

By the this time in the early 's, Hofner had reverted back to a narrow control console, although still with black knobs and switches. Owned by Stephane Edy in Brittany, France. Many of the Caverns supplied to Music Ground had solid carved spruce tops, but laminated top versions were also supplied. This one is the second one made and is owned by Ron Cascisa.

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The photos of the tailpiece and control panel that you added are vintage and definitely not new. Even though the information on the chart is incomplete because some information does not exist. Truss rods now used in the neck. Perhaps they did as an electric bass guitar was, in , quite a new thing! He had used all of these on his Club guitars the year before. By the raised logo will change back to a decal in gold. As there were many variations over the years, abovementioned data can only be indications, especially since the limits of the model-years were not very sharp. A shorter tailpiece is now used, this being common to the Club bass also. From here on is the original page from that site. In the old days people simply could give Hofner a phone call and they easily made custom changes. Höfner logo stamped on the pickups disappears. Free from blemishes, scratches, and user wear. The Violin Bass gets its public debut at Frankfurt Musikmesse in Copyright - Rock N Roll Vintage Inc. It seems that Walter's intention was to produce a bass guitar that would be appealing to players of the upright bass double bass who no longer wanted to carry such a big heavy instrument around to play in beat and jazz groups. Toronto Did you remove the control panel and if so was there a label inside the body and what did it say?