Schmidt Hammer Exposure Age Dating

PDF Abstract Schmidt-hammer rebound values R-values enable relative-age dating of landforms, with R-values relating to degree of weathering and therefore length of exposure. Schwedt single method — recently termed as Schmidt-hammer exposure-age dating SHD — was applied to date five rock glaciers size range, 0. The rock glaciers consist of gneiss or high metamorphic series of mica-schist that are comparable in their R-values.

Four of them are relict permafrost absent and one is intact containing patches of permafrost. On each of the five rock glaciers, SHD was carried out at 4—6 sites 50 measurements per site along a longitudinal transect from the frontal ridge to the root zone. Results at all five rock glaciers are generally consistent with each other sharing statistically significant R-values along transects.

The range between the highest and the lowest mean R-value at each of the five rock glaciers is 9. Using rock glacier length and surface velocity data from nearby sites, the rock glacier development must have lasted for several thousand years. Furthermore, by using SHD results from rock glaciers of known age from other sites in the region with comparable geology, approximate afe ages of 6. This indicates long formation periods for all five schnidt glaciers.

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Schmidt-hammer exposure-age dating (SHD) of snow-avalanche impact ramparts in southern Norway: approaches, results and implications for landform age, dynamics and development

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