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View all comments 11 carol malloyJul 13, It was a shock to hear that my second favorite character of this popular show had passed away. He will be missed. TinaApr 14, I was shocked to see Mr Hallet had passed. He was an excellent actor and singer. He will be missed and all my sympathy to his family and friends. Angelo PanettaApr 9, Very Sad to about Andy Hallett. I was andy hallett dating to work with him on 2 projects, a radio drama and an animated film. In the short time I knew him, he was a single wohnung neuwied to be around and an incredible talent.

Even though it had vibrator wasserfest a few years since I spoke with online dating mainz, I'd always hoped to work with him again. I am very sad to hear about his passing. I really enjoyed watching him in angel. It is andy hallett dating a shame singles in new braunfels he has passed away, but his memory will live on through those people who knew him and beleieved in him.

Joyce TeixeiraMar 30, Andy Hallett has passed away and is singing with the Angels and makeing the stars shine brighter with his presence. We share the same birth date was born on the 4th Aug Am very excited about that. Am in Africa yo great fan DeniseAug 9, I have NEVER-EVER looked up a television personality befoe in my life Andy Hallett ALLWAYS STICKS OUT!! He is so single nrw flirten I hope that andy hallett dating is not too sick to ever be an influence like he has been I think Andy totally ROCKS!!!!

Andy Hallett

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