Dating Hammered Coins

Click on thumbnail image to go to the inscriptions. There are many varieties of hammered coin inscriptions. Many are abbreviated, have errors or are spelt slightly differently, consequently there are lots of inscriptions that mean the same thing. What I have done is to classify inscriptions by reign and tried to add as many different versions of the same inscription as I can hhammered with a translation for each one.

It is possible you dating hammered coins see repeats as I have also tried to match up the obverse and reverse legends as they would appear. Please also look at the information below if you are not used to deciphering medieval text, it will help you to read your inscriptions a little more easily and show you what to look out for. This can be put together with the other terms such as the above. For example "OBVERSE LEGEND" means, "the coin inscription on the head side.

PRE EDWARD I RECOINAGE OBVERSE AND REVERSE LEGENDS For many years the only denomination was the penny which had cokns name of the moneyer and the mint on the reverse legend. Although not perfect this was the only way medieval kings had to hold moneyer's accountable for the quality of their coins. This means that there are many different possibilities and combinations of places and people's names that appear.

So how do you read them and how can you tell where and by who a particular coin was minted? On early pennies etc the reverse legend always begins with the moneyer's name followed dating hammered coins the place where the coin was struck. For example IOHN ON LUND would translate to Dating hammered coins OF LONDON where ON means OF. Remember it is ocins as easy as just reading a modern bekanntschaft traunstein where all the inscriptions are in neat blocks.

Usually the script on these medieval coins is broken up into groupings of 3 or 4 letters at sie will mich nicht kennenlernen time and it can take quite a considerable amount of time and effort to fully translate some of these inscriptions. So take your time and be patient it takes quite a while to learn and even longer to master.

Here is a quick example of a Henry III obverse and how to read it. From the highlighted areas it is possible to read: HEN Hajmered III Which gives us the broken inscription of: HENRICUS REX III HENRY KING III or in modern terms KING HENRY III POST EDWARD I RECOINAGE OBVERSE Dating hammered coins REVERSE LEGENDS After the recoinage dating hammered coins the old moneyer and mint scheme was abandoned in favour of place names.

Hence reverse legends read Hammred or VILLA followed by the name of the town or city where the coin was minted. For example CIVITAS CANTOR translates to City of Canterbury kostenlose flirtspruche VILLA BEREVICI to Town of Berwick on Tweed. Here is an example of dating hammered coins Edward I Penny and partnervermittlung ludwigshafen to read it. We can see the coin unmarked on the left and a second image on the right where I have highlighted the visible parts dating hammered coins the inscription.

As you can see dating hammered coins of the letters are a little different to modern day text, particularly the letters A hammerdd L. Also you will notice that H at the end of the inscription for HYB is in lower case. So it is important to remember that not all letters are upper case when dealing with early Hammered inscriptions.

From what I have managed to read off this coin we get: EDWARD KING OF ENGLAND LORD Dating hammered coins IRELAND Here is the reverse of the same coin. Notice the letter A is the same style as found on the obverse and that letters I and T have concave sides. From the reverse we get: ITA CANTOR Which gives us the broken inscription of:

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dating hammered coins

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