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We got to speak briefly with Will Moseley, Ben Barnes, Peter Dinklange and producer Mark Johnson ebook flirten kostenlos the New York Comic Con, but we had such a great chat that we sat down again with the actors, this time joined by Anna Popplewell and the adorable Georgie Henley to explore the Chronicles of Narnia: William Moseley and Georgie Henley Q: What changes have you gone through since the last film?

For the first astrotreffen, it was a new experience. It was a really rewarding experience, as is this one, but we were seeing it all for the first time, and comparatively, the second film, we were going madel kennenlernen facebook it for the second time, so you really want to take a step up.

You really want to push it to the next level, go that extra mile, and for me, personally, I worked with an acting coach for three and a half months here in New York -- with Sheila Gray for three and a half months and then I also worked with a boxing trainer. So, really what's changed is hopefully I've become a better actor. I feel like a professional, and physically, I think I've learned a lot about my body and what feels good, what works well, and emotionally, I really got much more in touch with myself.

How old are you now? I just turned 21 last Sunday. I'm 13 in July. Georgie, what changes have you gone through since the last film? Well, since the first one got released, I mean, a lot happened. I've changed schools because, you know, primary school, secondary school. I've made new friends, kept old friends. And it was weird going to a bigger school with bigger people, and you know, sometimes, you do get taken the mick out of because of Narnia.

Strange that, single manner landshut it? I love the fact that changing her has changed me, as well. Getting in depth with her was like, kaarst single Will said, I've looked inside myself and am figuring out who I am as well. I feel like I take more did william moseley date georgie henley Lucy's character. I feel like did william moseley date georgie henley being Lucy, I feel like I've become a better friend to my friends.

I feel like I did william moseley date georgie henley be a lot more loyal to them bisex erlebnisse I feel like Lucy is and qualities like that. She's a lovely person, and I feel like if I take something from her, and she's taken some stuff from me in the film. Her fiery temper doesn't come from nowhere, people! But yeah, I think changes go both ways. Georgie, previously you said you didn't know if you wanted to keep acting.

Do you still want to? At this age, nobody really knows what they want to be in the long run. A lot of people know what they want to do in the short run. And I'm very looking forward to filming the next Narnia installment, which I've signed on to do and which I'm really excited about single wohnung korneuburg it's my favorite Narnia book, Voyage of the Stromkosten singlehaushalt monat Treader.

I'm still a child, I'm still going through childhood, I mean there are so many other things I want to do. There are so many things I want to do, and I still don't know what I want in life. I mean, I don't think anybody does, I don't think even William does! William, what are you doing next? What am I going to do next? I'll have to see. People always ask me, "What do you want to do next?

You know, I'm pretty lucky I can do that now. I have friends that are actors that would take anything just to work, so I'm in a really fortunate position that I can choose my next project wisely. Would you consider something like Equus? You know, what's funny was that I was actually thinking about doing that before Daniel Radcliffe did it in New York, but I just never followed through with it, but just anything that sort of takes my fancy.

The Lady Miz Diva: Last night, you saw the movie with the rest of us. What are your thoughts on did william moseley date georgie henley, and what did you think of watching it with an audience? And I was really impressed by the composition of the film and the last battle of Prince Caspian because I think Andrew really does direct a fantastic film and a fantastic battle scene, and the online dating ukraine reviews he builds the tension, the way he really takes you in and then builds it to a wonderful crescendo, and I feel really single mann 48 to be a part of that because I gave everything I could to that battle scene, everything I could.

I was getting so nervous about it because there was so much of the film speed dating geldern I hadn't seen because I just wasn't involved in it, like the battle and the raid and things, and someone asked me if I wanted popcorn. I said no because I thought I'd be sick! I did eventually get the popcorn, though, I was too hungry.

But once I got in there, from the title sequence, I was on the edge of my seat and I felt like I was a member korper kennenlernen frau the public and I had completely forgotten what it would look like because when you're filming, you don't know what the heck it is gonna look like from the outside when its cut together and like William said, with the music and the composition, and I think the word is, I was mind blown!

And if I was gonna be rude, I was gobsmacked! Seriously, I was amazed by it. It was really good. What was your hardest day of filming? Well, I think that as an actor you can be very self-critical. I think I'm definitely my worst critic out of everybody, I'm my hardest critic. So, it wasn't doing the big emotional scenes; it wasn't doing the big physical scenes. It was like, sarah goldberg husband down a hallway and just not feeling like I was there in the headspace, you know?

And I was really frustrated, the tension was going, the tension was going and for me, that is paula abdul dated arsenio hall the hardest day. But actually, it might have been the fact that both of my best friends turned up on set that day. They had been staying in Prague the night before -- that might have had something to do with it.

But none of the emotional scenes or the physical scenes -- just running down the hallway was my hardest moment. I think mine was I had a weird time a couple of days on set. I went through a blip with my acting. And I think it's because I started asking myself a lot of questions, and I didn't feel like I could act properly anymore. You get a flow, and I didn't feel like I got the flow anymore. I know that sounds weird, but… And so many people were trying to help me -- Did william moseley date georgie henley mean, Will was trying to help me; all the other cast members were mann zum treffen bringen to help me, Andrew particularly was trying to help me.

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If it is after …The Voyage of the Dawn Treader then Lucy and Edmond will no longer appear since they to are now to old to enter Narnia. Other activities of her include being involved in the theater group of her school. It was all adapted to make me feel very, very important, and very warrior like, which I was very happy with. It was really stupid of me, because I ate a huge, salty burrito before I came into the cinema, and I was feeling slightly sick. Whereas the backgrounds are more subtle. We were all so nervous. But, after viewing discussion, i was a bit harsh, i still think though, that to date someone twice your age is not good. Check her out now in all her year-old glory: I did, but they spent most of the say sitting around, because I really wanted to do that stuff myself. Actually Anna and I met each other at one of the first auditions. No, Im afraid that he is not, in fact, dating Anna Popplewell, he did date her for two years,