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Let's run some simple code, which copies the contents of v1 into v2: An lvalue expression may not be just a variable name, but also a more complex expression, for example: Neither edition of the C Standard uses it, other than in a footnote stating "What is sometimes called 'rvalue' is in this standard described as the 'value of an expression. In other words, an lvalue is something that you can locate for potentially changing. The rest of the article will elaborate on this definition. Basic concepts Kernighan and Ritchie coined the term lvalue to distinguish certain expressions from others. I'm showing just the relevant methods here: It does exactly what it sounds it does - gives us a reference to an rvalue, which is going to be destroyed after the call. This may be due to of the lack of a consistent definition even among the language standards. Modifiable lvalues Initially when lvalues were defined for C, it literally meant "values suitable for left-hand-side of assignment". Not all lvalues can be assigned to. When you use n in an assignment expression such as: