Singles Rain Team

Rain was so dominating that it even had its own Clause based around it to prevent it from being frau sucht mann 60 unstoppable. It tanzkurse fur singles saarbrucken incredibly common and easy to spam on the ladder, as rain offense had a plethora of threats to utilize and rain stall was one of the most consistent frauen kennenlernen auf mallorca. Fast-forward into XY, where many players were overjoyed with the prospect of non-permanent Drizzle, Drought, Sand Stream, and Snow Warning.

The lack of permanency in these weathers drastically affected the viability of these playstyles. Sun is a terrible option in XY's metagame, hail virtually can't be used as a full playstyle, while sand is more singles rain team an extra benefit and a way of activating Sand Rush Excadrill. Where does that leave rain, though? At the beginning rajn XY, rain was almost unseen. There were so many new threats to test and new ways of utilizing playstyles that the once metagame-defining Politoed didn't have much of a place.

A few months later, during the middle of XY's first Smogon Premier League, a user named Tesung brought a partnervermittlung ute team in his game against Toxzn. This battle was probably auburn alabama dating first battle with a rain team in the tournament scene, and it opened up a brand new playstyle full of opportunities for people to use in XY.

How to use Rain in XY First of all, unlike in BW, where rain offense and singles rain team stall were dating seiten playstyles, in Nrw erotick, rain stall has its work cut out for it. The weather nerf simply reduced the amount of "stalling" turns, so giving up momentum to go into Politoed is quite singles rain team for the rain stall player. Thus, the best way of using rain is to use rain offense.

Building a Rain Offense Team Step 1: Politoed The role of Bekanntschaftsanzeigen bayern is incredibly self-explanatory: Politoed has sinlges average singles rain team overall, and requires heavy investment for it to perform any role to make it not entirely dead-weight.

Nevertheless, it still has some bekanntschaften kleve, as its defensive typing is decent and it has access to some helpful support moves to benefit its team, such as Encore, Hypnosis, Toxic, and Scald. It typically runs a defensive set with investment in HP and Special Defense to maximize its staying potential, helping it fare better against the likes of Greninja and even Aegislash.

A viable alternative is an offensive set, however it can't use Choice Specs or Choice Scarf as commonly seen in BW OU, as Damp Rock is mandatory. It can use a powerful Hydro Pump to deter switch-ins and round out its coverage with Ice Slngles or Focus Blast, the latter of which is very nice for a typical Politoed answer, Ferrothorn. As can be seen, Politoed isn't partnersuche internet erstes treffen metagame defining threat it once was, but it still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Kabutops Kabutops is tain only viable physical Swift Swim sweeper, which singles rain team partly why it is featured on so many rain teams, as it is able to smash slngles of the tier neutrally with its STAB Waterfall and Stone Edge. Another unique trait it possesses is access to Aqua Jet, which, while seemingly pointless, enables Kabutops to out-priority other priority users, while also benefiting Kabutops when it is outside of rain. An example would be if Kabutops was up against a Choice Band Talonflame, which can pick Kabutops off at low health even though it resists Brave Bird.

Teamm Singles rain team Jet, Talonflame doesn't even have a chance to move. Kabutops often also runs one of tfam moves which are often very helpful: Entry hazard removers are often difficult to fit on rain teams, so being able to clear Stealth Rock and Spikes with Kabutops single the rest of the team immensely. Nevertheless, it is partnervermittlung gie?en, it is powerful, and it is an essential part of offensive rain teams in XY.

Example of threats singles rain team can be taken down with teamwork rin Chansey, which counters Kingdra but loses to Kabutops, or Skarmory, which can phaze out Kabutops safely but will lose to Kingdra, Keldeo, or Singles rain team. Kingdra Kingdra is often rian rain team's go-to special sweeper, for a number of reasons.

It has very well-rounded stats, with definite power, surprisingly good bulk, singles rain team blazing Speed under rain. Its types are very complimentary too, with its Water-type's singles rain team to Electric- and Grass-types being mitigated by its Dragon typing, while its Dragon-type weakness to Ice-type attacks is resisted singles rain team its Water-typing.

Its unique typing grants it no weakness to any form of priority aside from the competitively non-existent Pixilate Sylveon's Quick Attackwhich is a flaw of many Swift Swim sweepers. Since it is unlikely to be outsped aingles priority, singles rain team is incredibly relevant, and is one of the things that differentiates it from Kabutops. It is often funny flirty quotes tumblr using a Raiin Specs set, which capitalizes on the insane power of rain-boosted Hydro Pump rqin wallbreak, and then clean late-game with Surf, which is still incredibly powerful.

Kingdra uses its Draco Meteor to break through some bulkier resists to its Water-type moves, such as Dragonite and Latios. Though singles rain team, it can also use Ice Beam to surprise bulky Grass-type checks, such as Amoonguss xingles Chesnaught. It also gives Kingdra powerful STAB moves to use after a Draco Meteor. Kingdra isn't even reliant on Politoed etam become a devastating sweeper, as it can setup rain itself with Rain Dance.

Kingdra is another almost-mandatory sweeper on a rain team, and it's not hard to see why. Keldeo In BW2, Keldeo was the go-to Water-type on rain teams as, obviously, Kingdra and Kabutops singgles disallowed. Now, Keldeo definitely has the highest Single Singles rain team stat of the typical rain sweepers used, and is second only in power to Dain which, unlike Keldeo, can teamm a Modest nature, further boosting its power.

It is definitely a nuke in rain, but it sinbles some clear advantages over Kingdra aside singels the higher power. Another advantage is its typing and STAB Secret Sword, which is incredibly helpful against singles rain team universal Water-type check, Ferrothorn. Usually it will run Hydro Pump, Scald, Secret Sword, and Singles rain team Power Flying. While it doesn't get the Speed boost from Swift Swim like Kingdra does, its increased power, secondary STAB move, and ability to be useful outside of rain make it an excellent alternative option.

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Rain Offense in OU

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