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What is the difference between Single Thread Model and Multi Thread Model?In which situation we use the Single Threaded Model?

A HTTP method is said to be idempotent if it returns the same result every time. Servlet Example by implementing Servlet interface Let's see the simple example of servlet by implementing the servlet interface. This main method or thread invokes the other thread which is required for the complete execution of the program. Servlet Interview Questions and Answers What is different between web server and application server? The Runnable interface is set for implementing a thread and the class that implements the interface performs all the work. Using Runnable interface, lays a path to ground work of a class that utilizes threads. If the configuration information is modified from the web. An instance of servlet is created when the servlet is loaded for the first time in the container. Tailored to interact with Web Server Server and platform independent Container provides additional functionality i. Methods of Servlet interface Servlet interface provides common behaviour to all the servlets. Example of ServletConfig to get all the initialization parameter An object of ServletConfig is created by the web container for each servlet.